Thursday, March 13, 2008

Steep and Deep, The Chugach

Five days after getting to Cordova the sun appered and all was white with 2-5 meters of new storm snow. I have never seen so much precipitation, days of unrelenting weather with low spirts sitting in the soggy rain and then all was good- The skiing was oh so good!

On a down note during the storm several days prior the Cordova Avalanche Forecaster and town spokesman was killed in a large slide above Town in which we responded to. The Class 3.5 slide left him burried 4+ meters in debris and will be missed by most everyone in the region.

Buddy Love and The Pro Shop.

6-10 meter crown face of an avalanche during the storm in a tributary of the Scott Glacier.

Eat the Worm- 50 deg. 2000 vert. and the Worm Glacier.

The Ice Box.

The Orca Cannery, Points North Base and Mt. Eyak.