Friday, April 25, 2008

Recon Mission

The day following the close of the heli-ski season some of the guides got a bit of a tour, a recon mission to see what potential the range holds for the future. The terrain is limitless! George and I loving it.

Valdez Terrain
The Prize

Hillbilly Bob- Look close for a track.
The Sphinx

The Scott Glacier melding with coastal clouds.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out on the Ice

A long stint of good weather came at the end of the heli season and we were able to reach out to more distant, ice filled areas of the Chugach. The price of the strong high pressure was high winds at the start which caused some distress to the snow surface. No complaints though.

Toed in, under power landing on Pontoon's flank- Toon Town. North FunkytownFred.
Very good ski run!
Strictly for pilot reference of the snow surface. Tagging Valdez terrain.
Looking down OZ with firm snow.
Massive Mihiela.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still Cloudy? Burn the Grey Away!

A little sacrifice led to a couple breif holes in the weather and a few runs over the last couple weeks. Breifly got into the Full Support Valley which has some very large and steep terrain most of which we just gauked at the sight of. The skiing was great but the weather didnt hold for very long on either day out. boo. What a sight though, runs like the 3000' vert, 45 deg OZ and the much larger and steeper Humble Pie. Wild! I will be back!

Jet-A sacrifice

A View of Humble Pie, Full Support Valley
OZ and the full on Full Support Valley
Nailed it (left) The tube, Donkey Kong and Guilt Trip (right)
Colorado boys get donkey deep in Donkey Kong!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Feeling the Zone, The Chugach

It has been a challenging few weeks with only a few fly days and many down days. We had great skiing over a string of days- an acceletated mass of goodness if you will. I have some hazy memories of grey and although they were far out numbered, crystal clear memories of skiing. I remember the ski days vividly as though they were in slow motion and to my favor the down days seem to have a fast forward affect. Here is some of the goodness!

Nailed it!

Guilt Tripping
Early out on Dano's
Cordova Glacier
Ice Box Ditch
The sea of the Scott Glacier

Tame or lazy?