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Destinations Include:

New Zealand

All trips offered are in the areas of the world which we feel provide the most rewarding backcountry skiing experiences. All trips are custom made around the individual or group, their budget and their idea of a good time. We aim to find great skiing and have a great time in the process.

The Backcountry Pros operates on the principal of doing what it takes to find the best skiing available for a given day. For example, if the skiing is going to be best to the south then there is a good chance we will lead you south for the day. We keep our trips on as flexible of an itinerary as possible to allow a given trip to unfold around the snow conditions and weather at the given time.

Each trip is guided by professionals who have shown an exceedingly high level of commitment to skiing in the particular given region in addition to other areas of the world.

Each trip consists of a list of possible ski day activities that vary depending on location. The activities vary in price, the physical effort required and their uniqueness and cultural value. Most of the time certain activities are better suited to particular days, depending on the weather and snow conditions at the time of the trip. We strive to maximize the logistical potential of each trip while it is underway.

Day ski activity options vary on location but often include:

Ski Touring. aceessed by road, cat, heli or plane
Heli Skiing
Cat Skiing
Skiing Area Side Country
Skiing in Area

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