Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Community For and By Skiers

Imagine this, a time when skiing at ski areas becomes too expensive for people to put up with it any longer. People take to the mountains and hike to ski until they tire. With ski areas out of business a void is there for a new industry, one remarkably similar to one of old, ski areas for skiers.

What a novel concept, ski areas for skiers for the purpose of skiing. No lattes, no second homes and no staking claim, instead ski areas for everyone. We shouldn’t have to tolerate what is packaged for mass consumption, tourism and the dollar have nearly killed our sport. The pampering must stop!

If ski areas were limited to a simple lift, with no grooming and no snowmaking to speak of, no concessions, no hotel accommodation, no ski school and no ski patrol, a cap on daily numbers and perhaps a volunteer outdoor leadership program we would be onto something. A hut trip is all we want, lets keep it that way and minimize!

When will we decide that enough is enough and take back our sport, our passion, our way of life? Don’t listen, yell, we are being robbed of a community! Now is the time, the current and ever balanced house of cards won't stand forever!

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