Friday, February 12, 2010

Home again, Utah.

Eric Wright skiing into Bountiful off of the Grandview ridge.

Gaining Cardiac Pass in great vis.

Out on the ranch. No Name Bowl in stellar conditions, Thousand Peaks Ranch.

Hello again Utah, so good to see you. My time in Utah seems to be in brief stints these days, at nearly six and a half weeks straight I remained within the states perimeter, settling into a duplex which was quite homely for a wee while there. It really is a never ending road, too many mountains, too little time. It was great living the city life for a while, catching up with friends and day guiding in the Wasatch and the Uintas.
A long avalanche cycle plagued the ranges of the inter mountain states this early winter. Persistent Hoar, the weak layer responsible, yes, that's the actual nomenclature for the weak snow that slides where failing on. Too true a name, too true. This translated to lots of low angle lovin while on skis.
U T A H.. still there. To ALASKA...