Sunday, May 10, 2009

The land of Zion

Whenever I end up going to the desert I think to myself, "man why don't I come here more often." There is just something about the desolate environment that brings out the immense beauty in the things that are living that is difficult to describe, a playground of negative space if you will. Zion is no exception to this, in fact it is one of my favorite places to be. Huge colored rock faces drive toward the sky under a relentless sun which scorches down on top of anything that tries to hold on. Deep in the canyons below, water flows and life abounds.

It was great to catch up with some very good friends and some new ones. It is amazing how good Tecate is when your under the limbs of a sprawling cottonwood on a rivers edge.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Winging it

Pete's pocket. Yes it looks like a mushroom, no he's not thinking about vegetables.

A speed wing now in the mix with all of my other shit that I travel with, as though it wasn't enough, all I needed was to figure out how to use it. More importantly, how to use it without killing myself. A bit of low angle practice mixed in with some skiing on Thompson Pass out of Valdez and then I knew just enough to be dangerous. A spell of perfect weather for a week and a half let me fly most days. Hiking for access on Thompson and then sledding in Turn Again Pass for some hot laps with the Marencos the flying came along nicely. And yeah, I know its a cop out, but i think its only a natural progression to want to fly.. its a whole lot less impact on the body... at least when thing go right!